A Colour Ikon

A Colour Ikon

OSMO Brand Ambassador, Becky Sutherland, talks all things colours and shares her predictions for 2021 in the first UK & Ireland edition of of Salon Evo magazine.


Becky Sutherland, of Lush Hair Salon in Durham, is committed to creative colour, and to bring those colours to life she has the OSMO IKON colour range to hand… always.

From a Saturday girl at age 13, sweeping the floor and making the coffee, Becky went straight into salon life from school and spent years picking up new techniques until she opened her own salon seven years ago. “I always wanted to stand out from the crowd and as I work in a little pit village that is quite difficult, so I concentrated on my social media to give myself a platform. My dad always said if you are gonna do anything, do it big, and I do.

“When I was asked to be  a brand ambassador for OSMO I actually cried on the phone, because I don’t have thousands of followers and to be seen by a major colour company that wanted to work with me was so nice.”

“I was thinking of that 13-year-old Saturday girl, and it felt amazing to be noticed. I always say there are two doors in this industry, one door is your everyday hairdressing where you make your living and the other is the one that leads you further into this industry and I always want to be walking through both.” Becky is renowned for her creative colour work and she still gets excited at the thought of trying out something new.

“I love creative colour, I’m like a child at Christmas when someone comes in and says do what you want. I get so excited, and if you are excited, then the client gets excited. They want to try something new and that’s when the chance to try out fantastic colour combinations comes in. I get inspired by all sorts of things, I’m looking at a Celebrations advent calendar right now and thinking, just look at those colours, the reds, the blue and a little bit of pink that go well together, things like that are great, I’m filing that away for another time. “As hairdressers we are creative people, and I think that when we are doing a colour you can visualise it in your head to see what you want. It’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different. What inspires me is other hairdressers as well, I’ve got a folder on my Instagram filled with other hairdressers work and I can take something from each of them and create something new of my own.” Becky remembers back to days when bleach was your only option, and she is delighted that things have moved on.

“I remember years ago when all you had was your bleach and your 40 vol. Compared to now when the development of the colour market has allowed us to increase our abilities, as there is so much out there now to allow us to create what’s in our heads. In my head there is all sorts going on, and I can be doing someone’s hair and I will be thinking I’m going to change this or that halfway through. Toners now have just come on so much too. When you look back there was no such thing as a toner, they would go out with raw bleach. Now that colour has developed it’s been a massive help for us.”

Being given the opportunity to work with OSMO as a brand ambassador has touched Becky and she is delighted to be part of the brand and the work it is doing. “It’s not just a brand, it’s more of a family. Every single person that is involved, well I can’t explain how lovely they are. Not just because it is a family, but because the colours are out of this world.

I’ve used OSMO for around 12-years, and it is a no brainer. The products are unreal, and the colours are unreal. What’s great is that the brand supports me and all I do, and I’m happy to support them too. OSMO have given me the tools to create my best work and I wouldn’t be able to do it without their amazing colours.”

If I had to pick a favourite, I have two! My favourite go-to colour is OSMO IKON Strawberry. I use it in silvers, in my blondes, I use it in everything. It’s so versatile. My favourite styling product is OSMO Wonder 10’, I use it pre-colouring as it’s a keratin based spray and it does exactly what it says it does. All their products do what they say they will, and the proof is there with the finished product.” The new year is upon us, and Becky has her own predictions of next year’s trends. “I know it will be pastel colours, so I see your strawberries, your aquamarine melted in with an ice colour. It’s going to be your pastel shades, I really think the Nordic ices, the clean blondes met with a blunt cut will be huge next year. A lot more clients are more into experimenting, and I think that is where your peaches, your yellow and greens will be huge next year. I can’t wait!”

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