Introducing a collection of vegan friendly lightening solutions to suit all client requirements.

Blonde Elevation Range by OSMO Ikon

Created after listening to customer demands and what they feel is missing in the marketplace, leading professional haircare specialist, OSMO announce the exciting launch of its Blonde Elevation range within its colour portfolio.

The Blonde Elevation range can create a bespoke blonde colour service for clients regardless of their individual hair demands and needs. The colourist can create a quick solution and get excellent results, which is perfect for saving time in busy salons.

The new Blonde Elevation collection includes; Premium Violet Lightening Powder with Bond Builder, Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay, the Colour Additive Starter Kit, and Colour Additives in Blue, Green, Red and Violet to help counteract brassy tones.

We spoke with Lesley Stitt, OSMO Global Educator, who explained our new range, all the benefits and gave us some top tips on using Blonde Elevation.

Q: What sets Blonde Elevation apart from its competitors?

A: We’re very excited about this new launch within our colour portfolio. It’s come about from listening to our customer demands and what they feel is missing in the market place.  The Blonde Elevation range can create a bespoke blonde colour service for your clients regardless of their individual hair demands and needs.  It’s a very exciting launch that opens up lots of possibilities for your blonde customer base.  As a colourist, we’re giving you even more control to create a bespoke colour for your clients.

Q: What are the benefits of the formula? 

A: The key benefit is saving time! In a busy salon environment, we know how precious time is so to have a colour solution that can help, is great.  We know, as colourists that during a consultation we may need to manage expectations and results but with the new Blonde Elevation, the colourist has the tools to hand to create a quick solution and get excellent results.

Q: What ingredients detangle and help to nourish hair?

A: The bond builder within the Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Lightening Powder has a plex technology that doesn’t comprise the disulfide bonds and condition of the hair. As you don’t need to use a higher developer, this helps with the condition of your client’s hair.  The Bond Builder helps to maintain the integrity of the hair and improve the overall condition, preventing breakage often common with the lightening process.  It also includes conditioning agents that help to smooth the cuticle, improve the overall strength and condition of the hair resulting in minimal breakage and help prevent the hair from ‘tugging’ when combed.

Q: Lifting processes are so often associated with brassy tones, how does Blonde Elevation counteract this?

A: This is what is so clever with the Blonde Elevation range; we have developed 4 neutralising solutions to counteract all blonding lifting techniques.  Depending on the level of your client’s hair and its underlying tone (i.e. red, yellow, or orange) you as the colourist will select the best Colour Additive to counteract it.  So, for customers with underlying red tones, use the Colour Additive in Green. If they have orange undertones, opt for the Colour Additive in Blue. For yellow and brassy tones then the Colour Additive in Violet is the best option.  The Colour Additive Red is your stand out tone and allows you as the colourist to really experiment with blondes whether its colour correcting green/lime tones or creating a new tone such as a rose gold bleach.  It’s up to you!

Q: Can you explain a little bit about the additives and how they work in the process?

A: The Colour Additives are linked to the colour circle; basically, just believe in the rules of colour and you can then use each one to get the desired result.  Remember, Blonde Elevation is about creating bespoke blonde techniques for your client.   The Colour Additives are cocktailed with your lightening powder and developer to help develop the tonal effect you want.  The key feature of the Additives is that they contain highly concentrated pure pigment and are 100% vegan friendly. Basically, the purer the pigment, the better the result will be.

Q: What kind of looks is Blonde Elevation good for?

A: All blondes!  Whether you’re looking for platinum blondes, multi-tonal blondes for light/darker tones and if you’re looking at using foils, freehand open-air techniques, and balayage.  The Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay has been formulated to enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet throughout the lifting purpose so it’s ideal for balayage enthusiasts.

Q: How will Blonde Elevation change the blonde service you offer in the salon?

A: It’s the bespoke service that’s going to be the real key for this range within your salon.  It’s a must-have colour kit for colourists.  Blondes can have a really tailored service that will ensure they keep returning for your expert advice and techniques.