Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet Anti Yellow Shampoo

Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet Anti Yellow Shampoo

Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet is back with a brand new look and sizing options. Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones with ease, and hello to the blonde tone you love!

“I’m pretty obsessed with Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet shampoo; man it works! Here’s the rule, NEVER let your clients leave without a take home colour or Ultra Violet shampoo when creating grey, silver or white tones. It’s a complaint waiting to happen.”

– Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon

Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet Anti Yellow Shampoo:

  • Same great formula, brand new look
  • Ultraviolet pigments banish yellow tones
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Sulphate Free
  • Formulated for blonde, bleached and pre-lightened hair
  • Now available in salon + retails sizes

Sophia Hilton’s Pro Tip:
“Personally I’ve ramped up the home care on our super ash + silver blondes by talking it one step further with Crazy Colors Ultra Violet. Instead using it just as a shampoo I recommend painting it (lazily) on the roots, leaving it in for 30 mins and then pulling it through to the ends in the last 10 minutes on dry hair. Then rinse it out, just like a toner. It’s super strong when paired with this technique, and the results will blow your mind!”

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